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52 Squadron Award for Leadership

Displays natural leadership qualities and inspires others to achieve the mission. Demonstrated examples of initiative, positive motivator, and concerned with welfare of subordinates.

F/Sgt B. Mattock

F/Sgt A. Klink

WO1 Ibrahim

WO1 S. Forbes

WO1 S. Sperle

WO1 P. Cave

Sgt M. McLellan

F/Sgt M. Sharma

WO1 R. Larson

WO1 Gall

WO1 N. Krebs

WO2 B. Henne

F/Sgt S. Forbes

WO2 J. Viviers

WO1 S. Sperle

WO2 T. Laatsch

WO2 E. DiGiacomo

Cpl J. Street

WO2 G. Gillespie

Sgt T. Brantford

WO2 E. Moar

F/Sgt A. Klassen

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