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Top Junior NCO

These cadets have demonstrated procedural knowledge of the chain of command and cadet correction. They have reliably executed tasks and are a prime example of excellent drill, dress, and deportment.

Cpl M. Guerin

Sgt A. Jain

Cpl S. Taal; Cpl A. Skidmore

Cpl F. Mukadam

Cpl A. Jardin

F/Cpl Griffin; F/Cpl Robinson

F/Cpl Black

Sgt T. Peace

F/Cpl J. Viviers

Cpl C. Viviers

Cpl J. Street

F/Cpl McNaughton

Cpl S. Ibrahim

Cpl M. McLellan

F/Cpl Brantford

Cpl Law; Cpl Jordan

Sgt T. Woo Kim

F/Cpl T. Stoner; Cpl E. DiGiacomo

Cpl K. Jackson

FCpl T. Johnson

Cpl Rubio

Cpl C. Forbes

F/Cpl B. Snow

Cpl S. Forbes

FCpl S. Hinevici

Cpl T. Merali

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