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Top Senior NCO

These cadets have demonstrated procedural knowledge of the chain of command and cadet correction. They have reliably executed tasks and are a prime example of excellent drill, dress, and deportment. They motivate their peers, seek initiative, and are effective in a parade position.

WO2 Gall

Sgt Owen

F/Sgt R. Morrison

Sgt B. Henne

F/Sgt W. Young

WO2 J. Zou

Sgt B. Welch

F/Sgt Yee

WO2 A. Riley

F/Sgt A. Watson

F/Sgt J. McNaughton

Sgt G. Christopher

Sgt G. Stewart

WO2 M. Bushell

Sgt C. Roth

Sgt J. Creaser; F/Sgt C. Toltesi

Sgt S. Forbes

F/Sgt J. Ma

F/Sgt K. Joshi

WO1 Ian Stephens

Sgt J. Anderson

Sgt Sperle

WO2 M. Mclellan

WO1 C. Aziz

Cpl P. Meier

F/Sgt J. Viviers

WO2 A. Scott

Sgt Jordan; F/Sgt D. Bhatt

Sgt Janjua; F/Sgt Pickett

F/Sgt H. Penden

WO2 A. Scott

WO2 G. Gillespie

WO2 L. Cook

Sgt G. Stewart

F/Sgt A. Dickson

Cpl L. Henseler

F/Sgt Larson

Sgt R. Morrison

WO2 S. Sumar

Sgt K. Roxburgh

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