Top Senior NCO

These cadets have demonstrated procedural knowledge of the chain of command and cadet correction. They have reliably executed tasks and are a prime example of excellent drill, dress, and deportment. They motivate their peers, seek initiative, and are effective in a parade position.

F/Sgt K. Joshi

WO2 J. Zou

F/Sgt J. Viviers

WO2 G. Gillespie

WO1 Ian Stephens

Cpl L. Henseler

WO2 L. Cook

Sgt G. Stewart

Sgt G. Stewart

Sgt C. Roth

Cpl P. Meier

Sgt B. Welch

Sgt G. Christopher

Sgt J. Creaser; F/Sgt C. Toltesi

Sgt Janjua; F/Sgt Pickett

WO2 A. Scott

Sgt R. Morrison

F/Sgt R. Morrison

Sgt J. Anderson

WO2 M. Bushell

WO2 A. Scott

WO1 C. Aziz

F/Sgt W. Young

WO2 M. Mclellan

F/Sgt H. Penden

F/Sgt A. Watson

Sgt K. Roxburgh

Sgt S. Forbes

WO2 S. Sumar

F/Sgt J. Ma

Sgt B. Henne

F/Sgt Yee

WO2 Gall

Sgt Owen

F/Sgt Larson

Sgt Sperle

Sgt Jordan; F/Sgt D. Bhatt

F/Sgt J. McNaughton

WO2 A. Riley

F/Sgt A. Dickson