52 (City of Calgary) Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, serving youth since 1941

March Break Trip

Occasionally, the ​squadron organizes "Citizenship Tours" for the cadets. They serve as an opportunity for the cadets to relax, travel with their friends, and see other parts of the country.

What makes these tours special is our status as a cadet squadron, as we have access to unique opportunities at Canadian military bases. This means the cadets can see and do things which the general public will never have access to. Here are some of experiences cadets have had in the past:

  • At CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick

    • Rides in the CH-146 Griffon helicopter

    • Piloting the CH-146 Griffon simulator

    • Piloting the CF-18 Hornet simulator

  • At CFB Esquimalt, British Columbia

    • Tours of a Halifax-class frigate

  • At CFB Cold Lake, Alberta

    • Watch military aircraft take off during Operation Maple Flag

    • Tours of the aircraft hangars

    • Use a parachuting simulator

These events don't happen every year, and space is limited due to cost. As a result, cadets must meet certain qualifications before they will be considered for participation. Selection criteria may include:

  • Rank

  • Years of service

  • Participation in mandatory cadet activities

  • Participation in extra-curricular cadet activities

  • Participation in fundraising and community service events

  • General attendance

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