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General Info

Squadron Google Calendar

Information on all mandatory and optional training will be communicated through Cadet365, our mailing list, or the Squadron Calendar. The order of dress is also noted for all events.

IMPORTANT SAFETY & SECURITY ISSUE - Do not drop off your cadet for any activity until an officer is on-site to supervise. Do not drop off cadets before 1815hrs on Tuesday nights. Please make sure you pick up your cadet at the listed location and end time for activities. Consistent issues of cadets being picked up late from events may lead to that cadet not being permitted to attend optional activities.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

The Air Cadet League offers several post-secondary scholarships to cadets ranging from $1000 to $5000. Applications are due on April 1st. Typical criteria for selection include:

  • You must be in the cadet program in the year of application

  • You must be graduating from high school and entering a post-secondary institution

  • Scholastic achievement in high school

  • Achievements as a cadet

For more information, see the Air Cadet League website.

Field Training Exercise

All cadets must attend at least 1 of the 2 field training exercises held during the training year. These exercises typically begin Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon.


Administration is open on Tuesday evenings from 1830 - 2100.  Please feel free to drop in to discuss attendance issues, validation paperwork, detailed health questionnaires, summer camp applications and offers, and/or changes to any contact information.

Cadets who arrive late or leave early on a parade night must notify the duty desk or the Administration Officer.



All cadets need to measured at home to be issued a uniform. Refer to the Measurement Instructions for how to perform these measurements. Email your measurements including the cadet's full name and gender to

Your uniform will be ready for pickup up if:

  • Your measurements are complete and sent in (including full name and gender)

  • You have been enrolled for at least 4 weeks 

  • Your name is called on parade on Tuesday night

  • You have been emailed specific instructions for pick up

If you need to exchange a uniform part because you need a new size, please bring the old uniform part with you. No item, no exchange. Please ensure all parts for exchange are laundered prior to return.

Lost or stolen items are to be reported to the Supply Officer immediately.



For inquiries about level training, contact your Level Officer. For inquiries about promotions, contact the Training Officer.

Training Schedules

If you have been assigned as an instructor and are unavailable to teach that night, please email the Training Officer or Training Warrant Officer immediately so that a replacement can be arranged.

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