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Band Program

52 Squadron has a robust music training program.


Where: Harold Panabaker School, 23 Sackville Drive SW

When: 6:30 PM to 8:55 PM (9:00 PM pick-up)

Dress: Relaxed, appropriate civilian attire. Shoes should be comfortable, non-slip, and non-marking.

What to bring: Music instrument (you will be issued one if you don't have one), music, water bottle/snacks (there is no canteen on Monday nights)


ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED. Playing in a band is like playing a team sport. If certain parts of the team do not show up for practice, then they will not be ready to perform with the rest of the team when a performance comes up. If a cadet routinely misses practice despite having made a commitment to show up, they will be subject to counseling and/or disciplinary action according to CATO 15-22.

Training Materials

Cadet music training reference materials are available from the Cadet Extranet. You will need to create a login for the site.


Once logged in:

  1. Click on "Pacific"

  2. Click on "Common Trg, RSO list and Music (RCMA)"

  3. Click on "Music RCMA"

  4. Click on "Music Resources"

Military Band

Cadets interested in the Military Band program may choose one of the following instruments:

  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone (Alto or Baritone)

  • Trumpet/Cornet

  • French Horn

  • Trombone

  • Euphonium

  • Tuba

  • Percussion (Snare and Bass Drum)


What will the Squadron provide me with if I join?

  • An instrument, if you don't already have one.

  • Instrument maintenance supplies (i.e., slide grease, valve oil, cleaning rods, etc.)

  • Music instruction, as required (mainly for new cadets)

  • Music folio and lyre (attachments for your instrument to be able to play on parade)

  • Music (as issued and required)

Pipes and Drums Band

Cadets interested in the Pipes and Drums Band program may can choose one of the following instruments, but enrollment is limited:

  • Bagpipes (enrollment limited)

  • Snare Drum (not accepting applicants at this time)

  • Bass Drum/Tenor Drum (enrollment limited)

What will the Squadron provide me with if I join?

  • An instrument, if you don't already have one.

    • Bagpipes: New cadets on the bagpipes typically learn on an instrument called a "Chanter." You will not receive a set of bagpipes until you've been able to demonstrate basic musical skill and abilities on the Chanter.

    • Drums: New cadets on the drums will be issued a drum pad and drum sticks on which they are taught basic percussive patterns, rudiments, and skills. The drum sticks are the same ones you will play the drum with. The drum pad is meant to simulate the feeling of playing on the head of a drum. You will not be issued a drum to play on parade until you can demonstrate the basic skills required to play on the drum.

  • A highland dress uniform will be issued to you once you demonstrate the basic skills necessary to perform on parade, as approved by the officer supervising the Pipes & Drums Band.

  • Music instruction

  • Music books and instructional equipment, as necessary.

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