Become a pilot. Become a leader.

Thinking of joining Air Cadets?

To learn. To serve. To advance.

That is the motto of the Air Cadet program. We seek to provide today's youth with the opportunities to learn what it takes to become a good leader, to serve the community, and to advance as a member of society.


Recruiting is OPEN. Regular Tuesday night training is currently virtual; limited in-person activities are being planned.

To enroll, print all forms and follow the instructions within:

1 - New Recruit Welcome Letter

2 - New Recruit Paperwork Checklist

3 - Code of Conduct

4 - Parent Information Form

5 - CF1158 - Application Form (Print on Legal paper or Shrink to Fit on Letter)

6 - Squadron Sponsoring Committee Information Form

7 - Duke of Edinburgh Brochure

8 - 52 Squadron Communications Tool - Team App

When done, book an appointment with us (see checklist for instructions).

For general information on the cadet program, please visit www.cadets.ca

Calgary Area Cadet Programs (12-18 years old)

​If you are interested in joining Cadets, but we are in the wrong spot, the wrong night, or the wrong element - consult the list below:


52 City of Calgary RCACS (Harold Panabaker School / Southwood Community Centre)

83 Juno Beach RCACS

88 Airdrie Lynx RCACS 

187 Foothills RCACS (High River Airport [CEN4])

538 Buffalo RCACS

604 Moose RCACS

781 Calgary RCACS

903 Strathmore RCACS

918 Griffon RCACS

952 Westjet RCACS


1292 Lord Strathcona’s Horse RCACC

1955 Service Batallion RCACC

2137 Calgary Highlanders RCACC


3016 Calgary Highlanders (Airdrie) RCACC

3125 Calgary Highlanders (Chestermere) RCACC



22 Undaunted RCSCC

335 Calgary RCSCC

344 Victoria RCSCC

360 Erratic RCSCC (Okotoks)

359 Chicoutimi RCSCC (Airdrie)


Navy League Cadets (9-12 years old)

21 Captain Jackson NLCC

166 John A. Hamilton NLCC


52 (City of Calgary) Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, serving youth since 1941