Ground School

The 2020/2021 Ground School program will begin in September.

Cadets wishing to apply for the Glider Pilot or the Power Pilot Scholarship must complete a course of instruction to prepare themselves for the Qualifying Examination that is held in January of every year.

The course of instruction (referred to as Ground School) is a classroom setting where the cadets learn subjects related to flying.  Success in the Ground School program is directly proportional to the effort the cadet puts into studying the course material.  Grades for in-class quizzes and overall attendance will factor into the decision of the Commanding Officer of who to select to go onto the next phase of the Scholarship Competition.


To participate in Ground School, cadets must:

  • Be at least 16 years old by the start of the next training year (September 1)

  • Have completed Grade 9

  • Be in Level 3, 4, or 5

Allowances may be made for those who do not meet these requirements depending on class size.


The dates, times and location are found in the Google Calendar on the Announcements Tab.

Subjects Covered

  • Theory of Flight

  • Air Law

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Instruments

  • Propulsion (for Power candidates)

Required Materials

All Ground School cadets need a copy of From the Ground Up (retail price $80). The edition of the book does not matter. Power candidates will need an E6B Flight Computer. Either the metal (retail price $40) or cardboard (retail price $15) versions are fine.

The squadron will arrange to purchase these items in bulk at the start of the training year. In the past, we have been able to purchase From the Ground Up at a slight discount. You are also free to purchase either item on your own.

Cadets should also come prepared to take notes during class.