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Arch A. Gittel Award for Excellence

Outstanding drill, dress, and deportment. Involved in an optional team. Strong, enthusiastic, confident leader that knows when to take the initiative. Consistently displays a positive attitude.

Sgt S. Sumar

Sgt G. Tait

WO2 T. Brantford

WO2 F. Peden

WO1 Ibrahim

Sgt J. Chute

WO1 R. Gale

Sgt M. Sofroni

F/Cpl Rubio

WO1 G. Ramsay

WO2 S. Sperle

WO2 J. Servos

WO2 A. Riley

F/Sgt P. Campbell

Sgt K. Jackson

WO2 R. Gale

Sgt O. Bainto

Sgt Wiebe

WO1 R. Gale

F/Sgt D. Widling

WO2 I. Benham

WO2 J. Viviers

WO2 G. Gillespie

Sgt Harvey

F/Sgt Larson; F/Sgt Rubio

Sgt T.W. Kim

Sgt A. Watson

WO1 P. Cave

WO2 E. Chant

Cpl L. Anderson

F/Sgt M. Shenker

F/Sgt H. Peden

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