Don Mooney Memorial Award for Most Outstanding Cadet

Enthusiastic with a positive attitude. These cadets demonstrate exceptional drill, dress, and deportment, are involved in optional teams. In general, they take initiative and exhibit qualities of good leadership.

WO2 E. Hnatuk

WO1 R. Gale

WO1 G. Ramsay

WO2 B. Delaney

F/Sgt E. Hnatuk

LAC G. Gillespie; LAC C. Nguyen-Cao

WO2 D. Witcher

F/Cpl J. Viviers

WO2 Heather Gillis

LAC E. Gelfand

Sgt M. Chant

WO2 N. Mukadam

Cpl B. Mattock

WO1 P. Campbell

Cpl S. Hayworth

WO1 W. Lake

LAC Owen/ Patton

WO1 Terry Alston

Cpl J. Viviers

WO1 J. Hein

WO2 R. Gale

F/Sgt A. Lucas

WO1 G. Christopher

WO1 A. Lucas

Sgt R. Geringsvald

WO2 Jeff Clarke

LAC B. Ibrahim

WO2 R. Rooney

LAC S. Candy

WO1 R. Eastgaard

WO2 M. Wilson

F/Sgt R. Boehli

LAC A. Mattock; LAC A. Skidmore

LAC C. Wall

LAC Fair

WO1 M. Chant

Cpl Fair; LAC B. Law

Cpl Mills

WO1 J. Sartor

WO1 R. Coates

F/Sgt Pat Sweetnam

WO2 G. Davidson

AC Tredwell

LAC Belanger-Smith

LAC C. Forbes

WO1 W. Lake

LAC A. Ross

F/Cpl T. Peace