Instructors Cup

These cadets demonstrate the characteristics of a premier instructor. Also mentors and motivates junior instructors to challenge and improve their own skills and methods in the classroom, in the field, or wherever they may be delivering the cadet training program.

F/Sgt I. Benham; WO2 J. Zou; F/Sgt G. Tucay; F/Sgt E. Perdomo

F/Sgt B. Flowers; F/Sgt A. Klink; F/Sgt E. Perdomo; WO2 L. Jack; F/Sgt D. Afolayan; F/Sgt S. Morrison; F/Sgt G. Tucay; F/Sgt A. Lane; F/Sgt B. Emms; Sgt E. Fabiyi

WO2 T. Stoner; F/Sgt E. Chant

WO2 P. Bhatt

WO2 F. Mukadam

F/Sgt K. Jackson

WO2 V. van den Broek

WO2 E. Moar

WO2 Leurer

WO1 de Waal

F/Sgt Forbes

WO1 Ibrahim

WO2 Hotchkiss

WO2 S. Sperle

F/Sgt D. Bhatt

WO2 K. Jordan; F/Sgt R. Greaves

WO2 C. Ramson; F/Cpl K. Fraser