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Lt Tom Gryder Toastmaster's Award

Winner of the Squadron Effective Speaking competition.

F/Sgt J. Viviers; WO2 G. Gidluck

Sgt L. Farrell

F/Sgt T. Merali

Sgt Ibrahim

Cpl Nguyen-Cao

Sgt S. Sumar

WO2 J. Chute

F/Sgt A. Sumar

Cpl N. Mukadam

Cpl A. Medina; F/Cpl T. Stoner

WO2 S. Sumar

F/Cpl E. Mann

WO2 J. Viviers; Cpl E. Mann

WO1 W. Lake

Sgt T. Laatsch

Sgt T. Tredwell

FSgt V. Gillespie; FCpl D. Schmidt

Sgt T. Tredwell

AC T. Tredwell

Sgt T. Stoner; F/Sgt S. Kale

LAC A. Sumar

Cpl H. Peden

WO2 Ibrahim

Sgt E. Mann; Cpl A. Tahlyan

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