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Major Arthur C. Hill Citizenship Award

Highly active in Squadron citizenship activities, demonstrates the citizenship aim of the program and acts as a role model for other cadets to this regard.

Sgt Skidmore

Sgt Masson

Sgt K. Cullen; F/Cpl J. Kettyle

Cpl V. van den Broek

WO2 A. Dickson

F/Cpl L. Voisin

A/WO2 Koval

WO2 T. Laatsch

F/Sgt Matthews

F/Cpl E. Chant

F/Cpl Law

Sgt A. Nguyen-Cao; F/Sgt C. MacLean

WO2 Ramson

Sgt O. Bainto

Sgt B. Pearce

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