Most Improved Cadet

These cadets have demonstrated a significant improvement in motivation, attitude, performance, and maturity over the previous year, and have proven themselves to be a strong member of the Squadron.

Sgt Gall

F/Sgt B. Graham

LAC R. SchuLtz

Sgt G. Gidluck

LAC M. Tellefson

LAC T.M. Yankson

Cpl A. Cameron

F/Cpl Golhar

F/Sgt C. Maclean

LAC S. Harris

Cpl R. Heffernan

Sgt S. Taal

LAC Cosman

Cpl C. Willims

F/Cpl S. Hua

LAC N. Seaborn

Sgt C. Paul

Sgt B. Graham

Cpl R. Sherdian

Cpl G. Pickett

LAC P. McNair

Sgt K. Huijbregts

F/Sgt Dockery

Cpl K. Hassett

Cpl H. Hobbs

Sgt L. Jack

Cpl Louise McGovern

LAC M. Tobiasz

AC P. Smith

LAC K. McRory

Sgt C. Wilhite

Sgt S. Christopher

Sgt R. Drury

LAC Kelly Bourassa

Cpl B. Steckler

LAC Stephan Steghaus

F/Cpl S. Koval

Sgt A. Skidmore

LAC R. McKinnon

F/Sgt S. Koomen

F/Sgt K. Geldorp

F/Sgt D. Gelfand