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OCdt Fred Maurette for Highest Mark on Flying Exam

Top candidate on Flying Scholarship (Gliding or Power) Qualifying Examination.

A/WO2 de Waal

WO2 G. Gidluck

Sgt J. Mukherjee

F/Sgt F. Mukadam

WO2 J. Kettyle

Cpl S. Brown

WO2 W. Lake

F/Sgt Golhar

Sgt J. Ma

WO2 P. Canteenwalla

WO2 W. Young

F/Sgt T. Ramji

F/Sgt P. Cave

WO2 J. Viviers

WO2 B. Mattock

WO1 M. Chant

WO2 E. Moar

F/Sgt S. Percival

WO2 C. Toltesi

F/Sgt B. Gladman

F/Sgt Mitchell

F/Sgt Nelson

F/Cpl D. Xu

Sgt J. Yi

WO2 R. Coates

WO2 T. Winch; F/Sgt A. Nguyen-Cao

WO2 Ibrahim

Sgt J. Ma

WO2 K. Fitzsimons

WO1 Ibrahim

F/Sgt J. Kettyle

Sgt C. Tsui; F/Sgt L. Farrell; Sgt C. Priaro

Sgt S. Driscoll

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