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Sgt 'Pat' Leslie Victor Panes Award for Top Officer

As voted by the cadets. An Officer who is seen as a role model to the cadets as seen by the cadets of the squadron. ​

Capt J.D. MacDonald (CO #2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps)

Capt G. Panes

OCdt M. Gale

2Lt Forbes

2Lt P. Campbell

2Lt G. Viviers

Lt Forbes

2Lt R.C. Boehli

Capt T. Lemon

2Lt A. Lucas

Capt J. McGovern. CD. CDP

Lt. B. Henne

Capt A. Lucas CD

Lt M. Chant

Lt J. Bowen

Lt J. Bowen

Capt B. Lewis

OCdt Black

2Lt D. Liposcak

2Lt M. Forbes

Lt S. Primeau

Capt T. Lemon

Capt G. Kushnir

A. Lucas

2Lt Campbell

Lt S. Leikeim

Lt C. Reichert

Capt Kushnir

V. Clarke

Capt R.E. Staples

Capt G.F. Proudfoot

2Lt K. Hotchkiss

Lt Forbes

C. Johnson

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