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The Wing Commander Jack Bennett Award for Loyalty and Commitment to 52 Squadron

Shows highest level of loyalty and dedication to Squadron. Min 80% attendance. Significant participation in major fundraising activities (bottle drives, bike-a-thon).

WO2 R. Greaves

WO2 K. Jordan

Sgt Skidmore

WO1 R. Larson

F/Sgt A. Mattock

F/Sgt C. Mowat

Sgt L. D'Silva

F/Sgt S. Forbes

F/Sgt A. Skidmore

Sgt D. Wilding

F/Sgt E. Chant

F/Sgt A. Hardie

F/Sgt Golhar

FSgt F. Okwaning; FCpl C. Viviers

F/Sgt Matthews

WO2 C. Mowat

Sgt H. Shairp

WO2 E. Chant

F/Sgt W. Young

F/Sgt V. Polara

F/Sgt Masson

WO2 Henne

Sgt B. Zinkhan

F/Sgt S. Forbes

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