Top Bandsman

Member of the Brass and Reed Band that demonstrates a thorough passion for music; has excellent drill, dress, and deportment; uses leadership qualities in the band; and who sets an example for other band members to follow.

F/Cpl Jordan; F/Cpl Petty

Cpl R. Willms

F/Sgt C. Roth

LAC L. Ledger

F/Cpl G. Gidluck

Cpl A. Mattock

LAC C. Venus

F/Sgt G. Pickett

F/Sgt R.P. Coates

Cpl Sajan

Cpl. L. Hensler

Cpl C. Toltesi

Sgt E. Drury

Sgt E. Driscoll

Sgt M. Chen

LAC E. Eves

Sgt K. Cullen

Cpl Gupta

Cpl N. Zhang

F/Cpl Harvey

F/Sgt T. Larson

Cpl A. Harrington

F/Sgt R. McKinnon

LAC E. Mathison

Sgt J. Hein

Sgt C. Roth

Sgt T. Woo Kim

WO2 M. Massiah

Sgt E. Driscoll

F/Cpl K. Cullen

WO1 J. Hein

Sgt Mattock

F/Sgt K. Bleaney

Cpl C. Toltesi

Sgt Sajan

Sgt D. Widling

Sgt E. Gelfand

WO2 G. Gidluck