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Top Bandsman

Member of the Brass and Reed Band that demonstrates a thorough passion for music; has excellent drill, dress, and deportment; uses leadership qualities in the band; and who sets an example for other band members to follow.

Cpl Sajan

F/Cpl Jordan; F/Cpl Petty

Cpl A. Harrington

Cpl C. Toltesi

Sgt Mattock

Cpl N. Zhang

WO2 G. Gidluck

F/Cpl K. Cullen

Sgt E. Drury

F/Cpl Harvey

Sgt M. Chen

Sgt E. Driscoll

Sgt E. Gelfand

LAC L. Ledger

Cdt Aarna Tahlyan; Cdt Aadya Tahlyan

LAC C. Venus

Cpl A. Mattock

LAC E. Mathison

F/Sgt C. Roth

F/Cpl G. Gidluck

Sgt J. Hein

WO2 M. Massiah

Sgt E. Driscoll

Sgt Sajan

F/Sgt K. Bleaney

Sgt T. Woo Kim

Cpl Gupta

Sgt K. Cullen

Sgt D. Widling

F/Sgt T. Larson

Cpl R. Willms

Cpl. L. Hensler

F/Sgt R. McKinnon

Cpl C. Toltesi

WO1 J. Hein

Sgt C. Roth

F/Sgt R.P. Coates

F/Sgt G. Pickett

LAC E. Eves

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