Squadron Leader Charles McLaughlin “Maggie” Magwood, DFC

DoB: November 24, 1913

DoD: July 9, 2007

Cause of death: Old age


Distinguished Flying Cross & Bar

Confirmed kills: 5

Sqn. History:

Enlisted 17 August 1940.

No.2 ITS (22 December 1940 to 27 January 1941),

No.16 EFTS (28 January to 28 March 1941), and

No.11 SFTS (11 April to 4 July 1941).

Arrived in the UK on 14 August 1941.

No.53 OTU, 16 September to 18 November 1941

403 Squadron, 26 November 1941 to 13 June 1943

403 Squadron, 28 September to 20 October 1943

421 Squadron, 20 October to 13 December 1943

Released 29 October 1945.

Photo of S/L Magwood taken in 1945

Used with permission from acesofww2.com


Insurance agent there before the war and enlisted 17 August 1940. 1943 April 3rd, Magwood had achieved his first kill of an FW.190. 1943 April 4th, after the raid on the Krupp factory in Essen Magwood, was credited with another kill to his list. On the same day, Magwood was yet again credited with another kill against a German FW.190 which was quite a spectacle in the sense that his victim’s plane blew up. Magwood's victory was the most spectacular. His victim blew up in the air. Later that month On the 30th of April, Magwood was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his skill and valour. 1943 May 13th, Magwood was then again credited with one FW.190 destroyed and another FW.190 damaged. Then on the 13th of July, Magwood was then decorated at Buckingham Palace by the king who awarded him with a Bar to his DFC. While currently in Wolf Squadron, Magwwod would succeed previous leader Ford after he had been transferred and had been shot down and marked as missing. 1943 November 3rd, while escorting a massive daylight raid against a submarine base with 500 bombers Magwood had been able to score himself one last kill of an FW.190 which after he would be posted as staff elsewhere until 1945 August. Released 1945 October 29th.


  • Wolf Squadron had gotten its name from being a low level and destructive strafing run against rail depots and blasting trains.

  • Magwood was one of the few Canadians to meet King George VI who hadn’t last meet a Canadian since the invasion of Sicily

  • Mediocre golfer



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