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Squadron Leader Charles McLaughlin “Maggie” Magwood, DFC

Photo of S/L Magwood taken in 1945

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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario on November 27, 1913, Flight Lieutenant Charles McLaughlin “Maggie” Magwood, DFC enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force on August 17, 1940. FLt Magwood trained in Canada at No.2 Initial Training School (ITS) in Regina, Saskatchewan, No.16 Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) in Edmonton, Alberta, and No.11 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.


In November of 1941, he joined the war as part of 403 Squadron (RCAF) where he served in an active duty capacity. His skills as a pilot were utilized in air-to-air combat situations in addition to other areas such as escorting bomber. In 1943, Magwood was posted to a staff position where he served until his release in October of 1945. For his efforts during the war, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.


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