Summer Training

National Courses

National courses are special - they are some of the most sought after summer camps in the cadet program. As a result, the application process is much stricter.


To apply, you must first submit two forms:

  1. The Notice of Intent to Apply for National Summer Training

  2. The Air Cadet Summer Training Choice/Selection Form

There are many other documents you need to provide as part of your application, including

  • An official High School Transcript

  • Your Cadet Record Card

  • A narrative (an essay describing why you should be chosen for the course)

A full list of documents and deadlines is available in the Notice of Intent. Failure to meet the deadlines will invalidate your application.

Available courses can be found here.

Regional Courses

All non-National courses are considered Regional courses. To apply, simply fill out and submit the Air Cadet Summer Training Choice/Selection Form. This is the only form you need to submit in the first half of the year.


The form has room for three choices. It is strongly suggested that you fill out all three.

If you are selected for a summer camp, there will be additional paperwork to fill out. We will inform you at that time.

Available courses can be found here.

Not Selected?

All cadets who are not initially selected will be placed on a standby list. Cadets on this list may potentially fill empty camp spots up to the day before the course begins. ​If parents want to make alternate arrangements for the summer, we ask that you email the squadron ASAP to have your son/daughter removed from the standby list.

If there are any questions / issues related to summer training, please email the squadron.

Important Files

Camp Choices

You must submit this form to apply for Summer Camps, including National-level camps.

Notice of Intent for National Summer Camps

You must submit this form to apply for National Summer Camps. Take note of the deadlines.

Interview Guide for PPS/GPS/IACE

For cadets who will undergo the interview process.


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